‘Invasion’ Season 1 Recap: What to Remember Ahead of Season 2


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Invasion season 2 is set to air on August 23 on Apple TV+. To help you get ready for the new season, we’re going back to where some of the show’s most important characters and storylines left off at Season 1’s conclusion. The story of the alien invasion and its subsequent attempts to conquer Earth unfolds across three continents with three distinct groups of characters who each have their own unique experiences with the alien invaders.

In London, an epileptic schoolboy, Caspar Morrow, (Billy Barrett), has a special connection to the alien hive mind, which he uses to communicate with his friends. His best friend, Jamila (India Brown), and fellow American Army Ranger, Trevante (Shamier (Cole) Anderson), fight alongside him in his city. Meanwhile, in the U.S., Aneeshah Malik (Farahani) struggles to lead her young son, Luke (Robertson), and daughter, Sarah (Moayedi), through the harrowing ordeal of the alien invasion. In Japan, a space engineer, Mitsuki (Kutsua), has a personal journey that culminates in a touching and heartbreaking final season.

In Season 1 of “Invasion,” Caspar Has a Strange Connection to the Aliens


At the start of season one, we meet Caspar, a disturbed young man from a troubled home. He is bullied by his classmates because of his dark and disturbing drawings. However, as we progress through the season, it becomes clear that Caspar’s drawings are a means of communication and/or a harbinger of terrible events that have befallen people all over the world.

Caspar has a unique telepathic link with the hivemind of the alien invaders and may very well hold the key to bringing them down. When his classmate Jamila senses that Caspar has special powers, she and a displaced American soldier, Trevante, take him to a hospital in London to try and understand his visions better. During his stay, the alien invaders focus on Caspar because his thoughts seem like a beacon that must be destroyed.

Trevante Is Trying to Return Home in the First Season of “Invasion”


Trevante’s path to the end of the first season is a long and emotional one that takes him on a journey across three continents and through a troubled marriage at home. After witnessing the destruction of his Army Ranger squad by the alien raiders, he is left alone and travels to London to become Caspar’s bodyguard.

Trevante quickly becomes attached to the boy and recognizes the significance of his visions. At the end of the season, the human race mistakenly believes they have beaten the alien invaders as the creatures have become inactive and vulnerable to being destroyed. Trevante returns to the United States to try and reconcile with his wife Learah, who is on the verge of leaving him, but when he promises her he will leave the service and find a secure job that will allow him to be at home more frequently, his wife agrees to give him another chance.

Aneesha is a displaced mother and doctor in the first season of “Invasion.”


Before her husband and two children were taken from her by infidelity and then the invasion, her life in the suburbs was perfect. She’s a medical doctor with two children, Luke and Sarah, and as the invasion progresses, they’re displaced and move from refugee camp to refugee camp before ending up running from a group of doomsday militia who kill her husband and chase her and the children through the New York State woods for most of the final two episodes.

Like Caspar, her son Luke has some sort of connection with these alien beings, though the nature of it hasn’t been fully explored in the first ten episodes. That’ll be another story to watch for in Season 2. But it’s not just Luke who could be forced to use his medical expertise in one of many battles that will be fought during the coming war.

In Season 1 of “Invasion,” Mitsuki’s Tragedy Motivates Her to Make Contact


Of the three major character arcs, Mitsuki is the most heartbreaking. She is a Japanese engineer who has the country’s equivalent of N.O.S.A. and falls in love with an astronaut named Hinata (played by Rinko Kikuchi). Her relationship with Hinata is interrupted by the emotionless alien invaders. Mitsuki has a brilliant mind, and the loss of Hinata leaves a huge hole in her heart.

But throughout the season, and especially in the final episode, it becomes her personal and emotional turning point, from which she will launch herself into the war against the creatures who killed her partner. Mitsuki’s arc may be the most significant heading into the next season, as it is arguably the most emotionally charged story we’re going to get. With the threat of alien invasions on the world’s doorstep once again, only time will tell.


As the highly anticipated second season of “Invasion” prepares to hit Apple TV+ on August 23rd, let’s take a look back at the main characters and stories that captivated viewers during season one. “Invasion” is a sci-fi series that takes a global look at the alien invasion, exploring its effects across three continents, and through the perspectives of different groups of characters. In London, a schoolboy named Caspar Morrow, who suffers from epilepsy, finds himself in a unique relationship with an alien hive mind. His friends Jamila and Trevante, an American Army Ranger, join him in the fight against the invaders.



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