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Doctor Who Mrs. Flood

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The latest addition to the ever-expanding tapestry of the Doctor’s adventures is the mysterious Mrs. Flood, portrayed by the talented Anita Dobson. As she made her intriguing debut in the Christmas Special, The Church on Ruby Road, fans are left buzzing with questions and theories about who Mrs. Flood truly is.

Mrs. Flood: A Neighbor Beyond the Ordinary

Introduced as Ruby Sunday’s nosy next-door neighbor, Mrs. Flood is no ordinary resident of Ruby Road. The special unfolds with her initial grumblings about a peculiar police box, raising eyebrows in the neighborhood. However, it’s not long before she shatters the fourth wall, addressing viewers directly with a knowing smirk and the words, “Never seen a TARDIS before?” This unexpected twist sets the stage for speculation and theorizing about Mrs. Flood’s real identity.

The Time Lord Conundrum: Is Mrs. Flood of Gallifreyan Origin?

One of the prevailing theories weaving through the fan forums is the possibility that Mrs. Flood might be another Time Lord. Occam’s Razor is wielded here, suggesting that the simplest explanation for her uncanny knowledge of the TARDIS is that she, too, hails from Gallifrey. This proposition, however, raises eyebrows given the apparent extinction of the Time Lords, as hinted in the 60th-anniversary specials.

The Toymaker’s ominous proclamation, dubbing the Doctor as the last of the Time Lords, is called into question. Could Mrs. Flood be a survivor, hidden in plain sight among Earth’s denizens? The theory gains momentum when considering the Time Lords’ ability to blend seamlessly with human civilizations, perhaps even disguising their TARDISes as ordinary houses.

Masterful Connections: Mrs. Flood and the Banished Master’s Tooth

The intricate web of Doctor Who lore expands further with speculations tying Mrs. Flood to the Master, the Doctor’s notorious nemesis. In “The Giggle,” the Toymaker claims to have defeated the Master, imprisoning him in a gold tooth. A mysterious female hand picks up this dental relic as the Toymaker is banished from the dimension. Could Mrs. Flood be the clandestine hand behind this act, and what sinister agenda might she be pursuing in league with the Master?

Another Doctor in Disguise? The Multiverse of Possibilities

As the Doctor’s recent bi-generation sparks myriad possibilities, fans can’t help but wonder if Mrs. Flood is not just another Time Lord but, in fact, another incarnation of the Doctor. The narrative ripple effect of the Timeless Child revelation opens up a Pandora’s box of potential Doctors throughout the ages. Could Mrs. Flood be one of these mysterious versions, with her own hidden motivations and connection to the unfolding story?

This tantalizing prospect introduces a layer of complexity, as viewers contemplate the nature of Mrs. Flood’s relationship with the Doctor and the overarching narrative that Russell T. Davies is carefully crafting for the series.

Rani, the Experimenting Renegade: A Classic Callback

Classic Doctor Who fans are throwing the Rani into the mix, speculating that Mrs. Flood might be the ruthless renegade Time Lord known for her love of experimenting on what she perceives as lower life-forms. Though there’s no concrete evidence at this point, the sheer lack of prominent female Time Lords concealing their identities from the Doctor makes the Rani theory a tantalizing possibility.

TARDIS Hints: Mrs. Flood’s House and Its Blue Door

In true Russell T. Davies fashion, the article scrutinizes the subtle details, pointing out the blue door of Mrs. Flood’s house as a potential clue. TARDISes have a history of disguising themselves as houses, and this hint could be Davies’ signature breadcrumb for attentive fans. Does Mrs. Flood’s residence hide a Time Lord secret, or is it just another red herring in the intricate tapestry of Doctor Who storytelling?

Toymaker, Goblins, and Supernatural Elements: Mrs. Flood’s True Nature?

Davies’ inclination toward supernatural elements and his development of the Toymaker and Goblins as formidable foes add a layer of complexity to Mrs. Flood’s potential nature. Could she be one of these quasi-mystical beings, with a name that harks back to ancient times when a legion of soldiers would descend like a flood upon their enemies? The article explores the fascinating possibility that Mrs. Flood might possess powers beyond the ordinary, enabling her to elude the Doctor’s recognition.

Temporal Replacement: Mrs. Flood’s Altered Timeline

A subtle detail in “The Church on Ruby Road” hints at the possibility that Mrs. Flood might be an ordinary human who has undergone a cosmic replacement. The altered timeline, where Goblins change history by affecting Ruby’s early life, reveals a version of Mrs. Flood without prior knowledge of the TARDIS. This leads to intriguing speculations about her being replaced by someone or something with foreknowledge of Ruby Sunday’s importance to the Doctor.

What Lies Ahead in Season 14: Unraveling Mrs. Flood’s Mystery

As the special sets Mrs. Flood up as a recurring character, the real-world grounding of Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who promises a return to Ruby Sunday’s street. The article concludes with the anticipation that Mrs. Flood’s true plans and nature will be gradually unveiled in Doctor Who Season 14. Could she hold the key to the mystery of Ruby’s origin and the fateful day she was left on a church doorstep? Only time will tell as Doctor Who continues to enchant and confound its devoted audience with each twist and turn in the cosmic narrative.

In the universe of Doctor Who, where paradoxes dance and timelines entwine, the enigma of Mrs. Flood stands as another captivating chapter in the ever-expanding saga of time and space.



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