Ahsoka’s Encounter with Grand Admiral Thrawn: Episode 6 Recap

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In the latest exciting episode of Ahsoka, fans can finally witness the much-anticipated arrival of the season’s formidable Grand Admiral Thrawn. This sets the stage for a high-stakes showdown that may pose challenges for our beloved hero.

This week, our time with Ahsoka Tano (played by the talented Rosario Dawson) is brief, as she embarks on a harrowing purrgil journey with uncertain outcomes. The spotlight now shifts to Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and her determined quest to locate Ezra.

Before diving into Sabine’s predicament, Ahsoka grapples with the weight of her perceived failure as a mentor. Utilizing the Force, Ahsoka witnesses the moment when Sabine willingly chose to follow Shin (Ivanna Sakhno) and Baylan (Ray Stevenson), a decision that leaves her feeling responsible for not adequately preparing Sabine to make the right choices. Huyang (David Tennant), however, offers a more optimistic perspective, believing that saving Ezra (Eman Esfandi) was always a path Sabine was destined to take.

But enough about Sabine’s predicament – where is she now? Stranded within the confines of Morgan Elsbeth’s (Diana Lee Inosanto) ship, Sabine’s hope of finding Ezra is quickly dashed when Baylan reneges on his promise. However, upon landing on Peridea and encountering the enigmatic Child of Dathomir, things take an unexpected turn. Sabine emanates a distinct Jedi aura, raising concerns about her perceived threat level. Consequently, she’s placed in an isolation cell, where the leader of these mysterious beings will determine her fate.

Before we meet this enigmatic leader, Baylan shares his perspective on the ever-repeating cycles of power within the galaxy with his apprentice Shin. He questions whether it’s time for the Empire to rise once more, challenging the recurring pattern of leadership changes. He advocates for a single, unending reign.

And then, in a dramatic entrance, Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) makes his long-awaited appearance. Thrawn exudes menace and vows to vanquish all the heroes, but his distinctive blue-skinned appearance, complemented by piercing red eyes, sets him apart from the caped Baylan, sinister Shin, and the malevolent Morgan Elsbeth, who desires the annihilation of all Jedi. Thrawn’s character remains to be fully explored, and we eagerly await seeing him in action.

Thrawn takes delight in having Sabine in captivity, recognizing the opportunity to lure Ahsoka into a remote galaxy and strand numerous Jedi on an uncharted planet. His plan is to leave Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine adrift in space, with Sabine now given the chance to search for Ezra. After Sabine departs on Tota, a clever howler creature, Thrawn instructs Shin and Baylan to shadow her until she locates Ezra. This fulfills their agreement with Sabine – she gets to reunite with Ezra while simultaneously eliminating their enemies. And if Shin and Baylan fail to eliminate Sabine and Ezra, they remain marooned on a planet with no means of returning home, surrounded by hostile red bandit warriors scattered across Peridea.

Unbeknownst to Grand Admiral Thrawn and his forces, Ezra has formed an unexpected alliance with the bandits, known as the Noti. The Noti, resembling rock-like Ewoks, initially confront Sabine but change their stance when they spot the Rebel Alliance emblem on her jacket – a symbol they share. This discovery leads Sabine to their camp filled with similar rock-like creatures. Sabine’s heart sinks when she doesn’t find Ezra, but it turns out to be a clever ruse – he’s waiting just behind her. Finally, the two friends are joyously reunited. Ezra expresses gratitude to Sabine and admits that, although his time with the Noti was interesting, he yearns to return home. However, Sabine keeps a secret from him – she has sacrificed her means of transportation to find him.

As Shin and Baylan continue their hunt for Sabine and Ezra, Baylan imparts further wisdom to his apprentice. He informs Shin that Ezra was once a young Bokker Jedi, but she is not. Baylan states, “He was trained as a Jedi. You, I trained to be something more.” The mysterious dynamic between Baylan and Shin deepens, adding to their aura as enigmatic villains.

Towards the episode’s conclusion, we return to Thrawn’s empire as the Dathomir witches sense the approach of a Jedi from lightyears away. Morgan dismisses their predictions, believing Ahsoka to be long deceased, but Thrawn insists she may still be alive. He orders preparations for any incoming purrgil to be destroyed and urges everyone to study Ahsoka’s fighting techniques. With Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra working together, they pose a formidable force.

In a final intriguing twist, Grand Admiral Thrawn turns to the Dathomir witches and requests their assistance in dark magic. As Ahsoka heads into this impending battle, the odds seem stacked against her. There are formidable adversaries to confront, and the New Republic may have too few Jedi to defend itself.

As the episode draws to a close, the stage is set for an epic clash between good and evil. Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine’s fate hangs in the balance, and Thrawn’s formidable presence promises to shake the galaxy to its core. Stay tuned for more thrilling developments in the next episode of Ahsoka.

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