Wi Ha Joon Calls Co-star Ji Chang Wook ‘Mischievous’ On Set

Ji Chang Wook

Wi Ha Joon praises co-star Ji Chang Wook and calls him “cheerful and mischievous” on set.

Both the stars will be seen together in Disney+‘s The Worst of Evil. The new crime-action drama is set in the 1990s that follows an investigation conducted to bring down a big cartel located in Gangnam, responsible for illegal drug trade between Korea, Japan, and China.

In an interview with Elle Korea, Ha Joon also spoke highly of Chang Wook saying, “Seeing his passion and attitude towards the drama, I could clearly see how he was able to make it to where he is now as an actor. He’s always cheerful and mischievous on set, but at the same time, he takes great care of everyone. Even on a personal level, he had a positive influence on me.”

Ji Chang Wook also shared his experience, “My teamwork with Ha Joon was really great. There are differences in our acting styles, but we created chemistry between our two characters, who are placed in a very risky and precarious relationship within the story. You can safely look forward to it.”

Ji Chang Wook will play Kang Joon Mo, a detective who goes undercover in order to join the Gangnam Alliance and gain the trust of mafia leader Jung Ki Chul. Wi Ha Joon will play Jung Ki Chul, the vicious head of the Gangnam Alliance who rose through the ranks after a difficult upbringing.

The Worst of Evil will premiere on September 27.



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