The Morning Show EP Explains Why They Turned Jon Hamm Into Elon Musk


The Morning Show is Apple TV+ juicy series that takes soap opera drama and mixes it with real-world chaos. Imagine headlines coming to life, but with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as the stars – now that’s entertainment.

The Morning Show Season 3 just dropped, and the drama is still on point. UBA, the network where Aniston and Witherspoon rule the roost, is navigating the post-pandemic world, and struggling to keep it afloat.  The Morning Show Season 3 introduces a charismatic billionaire with a space obsession. Not naming names, but it’s basically Elon Musk – well, not really, but Jon Hamm joins the party as Paul Marks.

In an interview with Obsession, the executive producer and director Mimi Leder explains Hamm’s introduction and his relationship to a media introduction.

“Well, in the days after COVID, a billionaire was hatched every 24 hours. There was always a new one. So they did quite well during the pandemic, as opposed to the people on the planet. It was important to bring Jon Hamm’s character in to create our storyline of UBA running out of money. Cory desperately needed a big investor to save himself and UBA. So enter Jon Hamm, billionaire, CEO of Hyperion, who’s an accelerant. He pushes everyone in the story to tell their truth.”

She continued, “This season very much is about the state of the truth in journalism and the state of the truth. And the truths and lies we tell ourselves. Paul forces them to face that, and he comes in as a savior, as this rich guy. But we find out he’s just as vulnerable to capitalism and the shifts of power, just like everyone else is.”

Season 3 new episode releases on 20 September on Apple TV+



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