Netflix Finally Reveals Hours Watched for Over 18,000 Titles in Massive Viewership Report


Netflix is taking steps to enhance transparency in sharing viewership data. The streaming service will now disclose key metrics, including hours watched for specific Netflix titles, on a biannual basis. Discover Netflix Finally Reveals Hours Watched for Over 18,000 Titles in Massive Viewership Report

This move is part of Netflix’s commitment to providing more insight into audience engagement and behavior.

The inaugural report covers a vast catalog of over 18,000 titles, offering valuable insights into subscriber preferences. The data spans a six month period from January to June 2023. Notably, the report highlights the popularity of The Night Agent, which has accumulated over 800 million hours viewed since its premiere. Another standout is the fan-favorite series Ginny & Georgia, with Seasons 1 and 2 amassing nearly 1 billion hours of viewing globally. This disclosure sheds light on Netflix’s commitment to transparency and its viewers’ strong preferences for certain content.

The report also emphasizes Netflix’s strategic focus on TV shows, given the binge watching format’s ability to keep subscribers engaged. In contrast, the most watched movie during the reporting window, The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez, ranks lower in viewership, appearing in 14th position with just under 250 million hours viewed. This insight reinforces Netflix’s inclination towards investing more in episodic content.

Netflix titles Wednesday, Queen Charlotte and You Made Big Impressions


Among the TV shows making a significant impact in Netflix’s report are Wednesday Season 1, accumulating 507.7 million views, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story with 503 million views, You Season 4 with 440.6 million views, Outer Banks Season 3 with 402.5 million views, and Fubar Season 1 with 266.2 million views. International titles, including Korea’s The Glory Season 1 and Spain’s La Reina del Sur Season 3, also secured top spots with 622.8 million views and 429.6 million views, respectively.

This transparency initiative, known as the “What We Watched” engagement report, aligns with Netflix’s broader effort to share its viewership data more openly. The company began this journey by introducing weekly Top 10 lists. Netflix acknowledges that success on its platform takes diverse forms and is not solely determined by hours viewed. The disclosed numbers aim to offer creators and industry peers a more comprehensive understanding of Netflix’s audience preferences.



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