Leslie Jones Gets Cheeky On ‘The View’ After Ana Navarro Compliments Her Cleavage


Leslie Jones made a playful appearance on ‘The View‘ where Ana Navarro, one of the co-hosts, gave her a warm welcome. Leslie was on the show to promote her new memoir, “Leslie F***ing Jones,” and was discussing narrating her own audiobook.

During the conversation, Leslie leaned towards Navarro, and as she pretended to struggle with her audiobook, Navarro made a flirty comment about getting a close look at Leslie’s cleavage. Leslie responded with humor, adjusting her dress and confirming that her assets were all natural.

Sunny Hostin also joined in the fun, complimenting Leslie on how the studio lighting made her look radiant. Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator, had a subtle reaction to the playful banter, and Leslie couldn’t help but comment on it, saying, “Whoopi’s like, ‘I can’t take you nowhere!'” To which Whoopi replied, “Well, we can’t go nowhere together.”

This unexpected flirty exchange added a lighthearted touch to Leslie’s appearance on the daytime program. Earlier in the show, Leslie had praised the panel’s style and playfully mentioned that she had her “girls” out, attributing it to her workouts. ‘The View’ airs on ABC weekdays at 11/10c.



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