Heartstopper Creator Alice Oseman Teases Non-Comic Scene in Season 2


Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman teases a brand-new season 2 moment for book lovers – as Nick and Charlie’s romance levels up.

While those who have read Oseman’s webcomic series and graphic novel may have an idea of the story’s trajectory, the writer and illustrator – who also authored and designed the Netflix TV series – has teased a sequence that will be wholly new to book readers.

During a recent interview with Metro UK, Oseman stated that they were “really delighted” to see the scene in question come to life on film, praising the performers’ “beautiful” performance.

“I won’t spoil it, but there is a really beautiful scene at the end of episode three, which is not in the comics at all, and I was really excited to see that come to life,” says Oseman. “It’s just a quiet scene where Nick and Charlie have a conversation, but it’s a kind of big turning point in their relationship and their understanding of each other, and it’s so beautifully performed by Kit and Joe. I’m really excited for people to see that because it will be a surprise. It’s not something that’s in the books. So, yes – can’t wait.”

Season 2 of the series focuses on Nick and Charlie, who are now official boyfriends. However, their newfound happiness is not without challenges. Being a couple brings new difficulties, especially as Nick is still coming to terms with his bisexuality and faces struggles related to coming out, especially considering how some of his peers have reacted to Charlie’s sexuality. Amidst their academic stressors, their relationship is put to the test.

Heartstopper season 2 premieres on August 3 on Netflix.


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