The BBC Interviewer Speaks Out in Secrets of Prince Andrew Documentary


Secrets of Prince Andrew documentary investigates allegations that Epstein sex-trafficked girls to Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II.

A sneak peek of the new A&E documentary aired on Good Morning America hours before its Monday night premiere. The documentary delves into Queen Elizabeth’s second son’s decision to sit down with BBC‘s Emily Maitlis for the first time and discuss his links to Epstein, speaking out about his relationship with the disgraced millionaire.

Filmmaker Sheldon Lazarus said in the clip, “Everybody in his inner circle told him not to do the interview. We’re still — you know, even myself now, still trying to work out why would you do that? This went viral, global literally seconds after it aired in the U.K.”

Maitlis, the journalist who conducted the interview, said, “Whenever the BBC and the royals meet, someone always gets fired. I didn’t think it would be him.”

After the broadcast of Prince Andrew & the Epstein Scandal: The Newsnight Interview, Queen Elizabeth revoked his military titles and affiliations as a response to Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit, where she accused Epstein of trafficking her and forcing her to have sexual encounters with the Prince during her teenage years (between 1999 and 2002). In the subsequent month, an undisclosed out-of-court settlement was reached. Prince Andrew maintains his denial of any wrongdoing.

Secrets of Prince Andrew documentary, will air in two parts on A&E on August 21st, features interviews with the BBC Newsnight team, Palace associates and friends of Prince Andrew, ex-politicians, lawyers David Boies and Sigrid McCawley (who represented Epstein trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre), Epstein victim/former model Lisa Phillips, and others.



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