The Color Purple Becomes Biggest Christmas Day Opening in 14 Years

the color purple

The Color Purple shatters box office records, becoming the largest Christmas Day opening in 14 years and the second-highest Christmas Day opening in history.

A vibrant rendition of the beloved book-to-film-to-Broadway-musical adaptation has exceeded predictions, raking in an impressive $18 million across 3,152 theaters in North America.

Fueled by favorable reviews and an outstanding “A” CinemaScore, The Color Purple stands out as the first musical in a while to strike a chord at the box office. Directed by Blitz Bazawule and supported by Warner Bros., the film surpassed the single-day earnings of recent stage-to-screen adaptations, such as West Side Story ($10.5 million).

As the holiday season struggles with a general lack of excitement, the musical appears set to maintain its status as the preferred option for families. Fantasia Barrino, an American Idol winner, skillfully portrays the challenges, hardships, and victories of Celie, a Black woman navigating life in 1900s Georgia. The cast also includes Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, Colman Domingo, and Halle Bailey.

Aquaman 2 falls slightly short of its $40 million projection with a 4-day total of $38.3 million. Meanwhile, Wonka accumulates $28.35 million over the Friday-Monday period, bringing its overall earnings to $85.8 million.



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