Mahershala Ali Almost Exit Blade Over Script Issues

Marvel has been having a very hard time rebooting Blade.
Mahershala Ali

Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali almost quit the MCU upcoming project Blade following script issues.

Ever since the project was announced, it has faced multiple problems, including frequent changes in writers and directors, as well as disagreements concerning the film’s creative direction. A Variety report revealed that one version of the script had Blade in a significantly reduced role, with Ali understandably unwilling to accept such a position.

The project had seen the involvement of no less than five writers, two directors, and even a shutdown just six weeks before production was set to begin.

As a result, Kevin Feige opted to restart the project from scratch, hiring Logan co-writer Michael Green to draught a fresh script. Variety also reports that the film will now have a budget of less than $100 million which is a less than Marvel’s usual massive spending.

Some fans are also doubting Ali’s devotion to the movie, given that he has been committed to the part since 2019 and has only performed the character once in the post-credits sequence of Eternals.

However, Marvel Studios appears to be giving the project the attention it deserves, aiming to avoid further setbacks. With Green’s script in the works, there’s hope that this will be the catalyst to move the project forward, especially since fans have eagerly awaited the film for several years



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