Jesse Eisenberg is Desperate to Begin Filming Now You See Me 3

jesse eisenberg now you see me

Jesse Eisenberg expresses his eagerness to reprise his role for Now You See Me 3, saying the thriller movies are a change from his usual roles.

The Social Network star is excited to reprise his role as J. Daniel Atlas, a stage magician and a thief. The franchise has garnered popularity for being fun, lighthearted, and successful at the box office.

In an interview with Collider, Eisenberg described the Now You See Me movies as a palate cleanser and a source of relief. He emphasized his preference for avoiding the pursuit of “method acting” in his work.

“”I discovered that I don’t like actively pursuing what you would call “method acting,” which is where you almost treat the circumstances as reality,” said Eisenberg. “I found that not a lot of actors do or some do it kind of performatively, but in a way that doesn’t feel exactly real. For me, doing those movies, Now You See Me more than anything is like the furthest I go in terms of feeling like the character, because I am an actual performer as my job and the character is a performer.”

He mentioned that portraying the skilled magician enables him to embody a newfound sense of confidence.

“Yet the character is this very confident performer, and I’m a very unconfident performer experiencing self doubt. I don’t watch any of the movies I’ve been in, I try to avoid still frames of the movies. I don’t wanna see myself because I’m just encumbered with my own anxieties about myself. So getting to be a performer that feels good about himself and actually be on a movie set where I am performing is the most method I felt. I walk around almost arrogant on these sets.”

Not much details about the Now You See Me 3 has been released. The movie is currently in pre-production.



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