Chris Evans Says Leaving Scott Pilgrim Was HeartBreaking

chris evans

Chris Evans was eager to go to any length to spend extra time on the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World set. 

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Evans who played Lucas Lee in the Edgar Wright directed cult favorite, confessed that he felt horribly excluded from all of the fun that the film’s star-studded ensemble was enjoying after completing his brief but memorable role in the 2010 picture.

“That’s probably the most fun I’ve had on a movie, again, early in my career, twenties, but a big cast of people in the same place. The cast was very connected,” says Evans.

“Leaving was heartbreaking. It truly was like the first time I was like, ‘I mean, I can just hang out guys if you need me.’ You don’t wanna miss a beat. Another film where there was a rehearsal period that was more physical based, a lot of people had action sequences. I had to learn how to skateboard, but the rehearsal was so fun.”

Chris Evans

Evans said that the rehearsal process for the film was fun, although it was clearly more physically based than some of his previous projects at the time. “Then you leave and come back a month later to do your bit and you just have such horrible FOMO. You just, ‘Well, what have you guys been doing? Have you been having fun? Send me pictures.’ Yeah, to this day that email chain is still very active.”

Evans will reprise his role for the upcoming Netflix Scott Pilgrim anime. According to him, the whole cast was eager to participate in theanime and had no reservations about signing on.

“And I’ve just never been a part of something where all Edgar had to do was say, ‘Hey, you guys wanna do this?’ And it was a race to jump in, everyone, ‘Yes, of course, of course, no brainer.’ So yeah, it’s a little family.”



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