Adam Driver Finally Admits Ben Solo And His Heroic Turn Was Never Planned


Choosing good storylines often occurs unexpectedly while you’re occupied with other plans. Discover Adam Driver Finally Admits Ben Solo And His Heroic Turn Was Never Planned.

As we approach the time of year when Ben Solo fans collectively revisit the sorrow of his untimely demise in The Rise of Skywalker, new details have surfaced from the actor behind the character, Adam Driver. In an interview on The Roku Channel’s The Rich Eisen Show, Driver shared that many aspects cherished by fans about Ben Solo’s character were not initially part of the planned character arc.

“I had an overall arc in mind that he wanted to do, which then changed,” Driver explained. While he doesn’t specify who the “he” is, fans speculate it might be director J.J. Abrams. The original concept aimed for an opposite journey to Darth Vader, with Ben Solo starting confused and vulnerable, eventually becoming fully committed to the Dark Side. This plan shifted, especially with Rian Johnson’s script for The Last Jedi, which brought Kylo Ren and Rey closer and emphasized their connection.

The arc evolved further in The Rise of Skywalker, focusing more on their connection and the Dyad. Interestingly, the initial concept didn’t include a redeemed Ben Solo at the trilogy’s end. Driver’s revelation adds a layer of appreciation for the character’s growth and development, acknowledging the flexibility allowed in storytelling.

Did Ben Solo’s Redemption Make Sense?


Regarding Ben Solo’s redemption making sense, Driver affirmed that it did. He emphasized the importance of Kylo Ren’s arc, tracking his development from a snarling villain to a more complex character. The natural chemistry between Driver and Daisy Ridley, who played Rey, played a crucial role, culminating in the iconic Reylo kiss. Despite changes in the story during production, the sequel trilogy’s decision to let characters evolve and grow is evident.

For those interested in revisiting Reylo highlights, the Star Wars sequel trilogy is now available for streaming on Disney+.



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