More Than 40,000 People Bought Tickets to Barbie x Oppenheimer double features at AMC Theatres


AMC Theatres stated two weeks before opening day on July 21 that 20,000 people had purchased tickets to watch Barbie x Oppenheimer on the same day. That number has already doubled to 40,000.

AMC Theatres executive Elizabeth Frank says, “This may only be the beginning.”

The Barbenheimer double feature meme has been a cultural reset for months, with cinephiles delighting in how the movie release schedule has resulted in Greta Gerwig‘s lighthearted comedy about the most famous doll ever made being released at the same time as Christopher Nolan’s tense drama about the creation of the nuclear bomb.

Those that participate in the Barbenheimer mania will be in for an all-day event, since the two movies have a combined run duration of slightly under five hours, not including trailers.

Barbie is likely to be the top-grossing picture with Warner Bros. keeping its forecasts fairly cautious at $75 million.

Oppenheimer on the other hand, is no slacker in terms of box office forecasts. According to current forecasts, the movie will make roughly $45 million in its opening weekend, but despite its lengthy duration and dark subject matter, Oppenheimer is also performing well in advance ticket sales.

Will you be watching Barbie x Oppenheimer on the same day?



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