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jujutsu kaisen female characters

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The strongest female characters in Jujutsu Kaisen aren’t just about how good they are at fighting, they’re also about how their cursed moves affect the world of jujutsu.

In the ever-changing playground of Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s like a never-ending game of tag where power dynamics keep shifting and reshaping the unofficial leaderboard of awesomeness. Imagine the jujutsu world as one gigantic game of hide and seek, with new cursed techniques, nifty tools, and mysterious restrictions popping up as the series rolls on. Even the seasoned pros in the game suddenly find themselves leveling up like they just found a super rare power-up, boosting their already super-duper strength.

Within the expansive and limitless world of Jujutsu Kaisen, women have consistently proven their mettle, showcasing incredible power and resilience. Similar to the way Satoru Gojo doesn’t confine strength solely to physical combat prowess, female sorcerers with non-combat skills and offensive techniques are celebrated as powerful and indispensable characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

10. Kaori Itadori: The Potential Powerhouse

Kaori Itadori, though briefly mentioned, possesses extraordinary potential. Her unique reverse cursed technique, known as the Antigravity System, is shrouded in mystery, with its specific effects yet to be unveiled. However, it’s worth noting that this technique played a pivotal role in thwarting the series’ antagonist, Kenjaku, during a confrontation with Yuki Tsukumo.

What makes Kaori’s legacy even more compelling is the fact that this technique is encoded within the mind of Yuji Itadori’s mother, offering a glimmer of hope that he may one day awaken its true potential. Additionally, it could serve as a natural countermeasure against Satoru Gojo’s gravity-related abilities, making Kaori a character to watch closely.

9. Shoko Ieiri: The Healing Sorceress

Shoko Ieiri is another sorcerer with a reverse cursed technique. Her unique ability transforms negative cursed energy into positive energy, making her an invaluable asset. During her student days, Shoko’s rare skill led to her being temporarily withdrawn from missions to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

Shoko may not be a frontline combatant, but her ability to heal injuries using cursed energy has saved countless lives. Without her, the Shibuya Incident would have resulted in more sorcerer casualties, Mahito’s victims would have remained unidentified, and the true nature of the Culling Game’s cursed technique removal clause would remain a mystery.

8. Utahime Iori: The Supportive Dancer

Although Gojo labeled Utahime Iori as both weak and strong in his own enigmatic way, her sense of justice and unwavering responsibility make her an exceptional ally. While her physical strength may not match that of other sorcerers, Utahime’s innate technique, the Solo Forbidden Area, amplifies her cursed energy and that of her targeted sorcerers. When combined with a Kagura-like routine, this technique achieves a formidable 120% boost, showcasing her significance as a support sorcerer.

7. Nobara Kugisaki: The Unapologetic Fighter

Nobara Kugisaki, a controversial figure in online debates, undoubtedly stands as one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most remarkable characters. Her cursed technique, Resonance, enables her to inflict lethal damage on opponents by manipulating effigies within their bodies. She fearlessly employs her own body as a weapon, striking at the very essence of her enemies, as seen in her clash with Mahito.

Nobara’s spirited personality has garnered her a devoted fan base. Her unapologetic abrasiveness, unwavering confidence, and loyalty to those who earn her respect have earned her the 13th spot in the 2023 Jujutsu Kaisen popularity poll, despite her temporary absence from the spotlight.

6. Master Tengen: The Barrier Weaver

Master Tengen, originally a woman, now exists as more cursed spirit than human. Despite being a non-combatant, she plays a pivotal role by manipulating countrywide barriers, simplifying the task of combating cursed spirits for modern-day sorcerers. Undoing her barriers would entail a daunting challenge, requiring the reacquisition of ancient barrier technique know-how.

5. Mei Mei: The Relentless Innovator

Mei Mei’s journey is marked by her determination to transform her initially weak innate technique, Black Bird Manipulation, into the formidable Bird Strike technique. With tenacity and a chip on her shoulder, she honed her skills to the point where only Gojo himself could withstand her attacks.

Although her personality may ruffle some feathers, Mei Mei’s allies consider her highly trustworthy. Her commitment may come with a hefty price tag, but like Utahime, she could never be suspected of treachery.

4. Takako Uro: The Sky Manipulator

Takako Uro, an ancient jujutsu sorcerer resurrected for the Culling Game, stands as a formidable and dangerous opponent. She utilized her innate technique, Sky Manipulation, to great effect, distorting space and wielding the sky itself as a weapon. Her ability to put Yuta Okkotsu on the defensive, a rare feat, showcases her incredible skills.

3. Yorozu: The Heian-era Sorcerer

Yorozu, a Heian-era sorcerer whose incarnation and history evoke strong emotions from long-time fans, possesses a construction jujutsu ability capable of obliterating formidable foes. Her mental catalog of substances allows her to recreate various materials, including liquid metal and near-impervious insect armor. Her confrontation with Sukuna left an indelible mark on the series.

2. Yuki Tsukumo: The Unstoppable Sorcerer

Yuki Tsukumo, master to the formidable Aoi Todo, ranks as one of the four special grade jujutsu sorcerers, placing her among the elite alongside Gojo, Yuta, and Suguru Geto. Her innate technique, Star Rage, endows her and her shikigami Garuda with immense physical force, enabling them to overcome even the most formidable foes. Yuki’s mastery of virtual mass extends to the creation of artificial black holes, demonstrating her unparalleled mastery.

1. Maki Zenin: The Unearthly Powerhouse

Born with limited Cursed Energy, Maki Zenin defied her clan’s emphasis on Cursed Techniques and jujutsu, instead honing her physical abilities. During the Shibuya Incident Arc, Maki’s powers reached unparalleled heights, earning her the title of her generation’s ultimate sorcerer. Her Heavenly Restriction granted her physical prowess on par with her cousin, Toji Fushiguro, capable of vanquishing cursed spirits that even the mightiest jujutsu sorcerers could not. By wiping out the entire Zenin clan, Maki is poised to inherit the moniker of “Sorcerer Killer” becoming one of the strongest female characters is Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

Maki’s power surge had its own high price tag – her dear twin sis, Mai, gobbled up all her leftover cursed mojo before bidding adieu to this mortal coil. But this sacrifice turned out to be the magic key for Maki to unlock the epic powers hidden behind the curtains of the Heavenly Restriction, setting the stage for her grand revenge plot against the Zenin clan.

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