Fan-favorite One Piece Animator Returns for Final Arc

one piece egghead arc

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One Piece anime fans are excited about their favorite animator Vincent Chansard returning for the Final Saga.

After finishing their adventures in Wano, the Straw Hats head to a new place called Egghead Island. It’s a futuristic island with lots of cool things to discover. One Piece is in the final saga of the anime, a brand new arc has begun in the Egghead Island. There’s a fresh art style, a new opening and ending, making it the most exciting arc yet. One Piece is even adding extra scenes at the end of each episode, starting with Robin and Chopper.

A fan-favorite animator, Vincent Chansard, who worked on the debut episode featuring Gear 5, is making a comeback for the final arc.

Chandard, a crucial animator for One Piece, played a key role in episodes like the debut of Gear 5 (Episode 1071) and the intense Zoro vs King battle (Episode 1062) during the Wano Saga. He contributed his talents to a total of 12 Wano Saga episodes and worked on three episodes featuring Gear 5. Notably, Vincent is also the animator behind One Piece Film: Red, the highest-grossing movie in the One Piece franchise. His work has left a significant impact on both the series and film.

Fans are excited and has flooded X/Twitter with excitement.

One Piece‘s Egghead Arc is coming to Netflix on January 13, 2024.



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