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Tokyo revengers season 3 coming soon

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new episode of the popular anime series, Tokyo revengers. After a short second season in 2023, fans got some good news when the show was officially confirmed for a third season in 2022. So don’t worry if you haven’t seen a single episode of the show in a while – the third season is almost here! Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about Tokyo Revengers season 3.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers season three is coming back this October! The Japanese premiere will be at midnight JST, so it’ll be on October 4th at 12 AM. All over the world, Disney+ will be streaming it from 3 AM the next morning.

This release date is a nice surprise, especially since the first two seasons were almost two years apart. But it’s interesting to note that season one had 25 episodes, while season two had 12, which could explain why the second season came out so fast. If we were to guess, we’d expect a similar number of episodes for season three.

Sneak Peeks: Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Trailer

As we get closer to the season three release date, we’ve got some sneak peeks at what we can expect. The first trailer was dropped in June and was only available in Japanese with no English subtitles. It showed us a sneak peek at Takemichi and Mikey, as well as the antagonists Kisaki Tetta and Izana kurokawa. It also introduced us to some of the other Tenjiku gang members, so we can’t wait to see what else we can expect from season three!

How Many Episodes are in Tokyo Revengers Season 3?

It looks like Season 3 of the anime will be a full 24 episodes like the first two seasons. That’s according to the official website for the show.

Cast of Tokyo Revengers Season 3

Season three of Tokyo Revengers is back with all your favorite teen bad boys and their voice actors! Here’s a quick look at what’s new.

  • Takemichi Hanagaki – Yūki Shin (JP)
  • Manjirō Sano (Mikey) – Yū Hayashi (JP)
  • Inui Seishu – Junya Enoki (JP)
  • Kokonoi Hajime – Natsuki Hanae (JP)
  • Hakkai Shiba – Tasuku Hatanaka (JP)
  • Izana Kurokawa – Nobunaga Shimazaki (JP)
  • Kanji Mochizuki – Tetsu Inada (JP)

The familiarity of these voices will undoubtedly add to the excitement of revisiting the Tokyo Revengers world.

The Plot of Tokyo Revengers Season 3: What Lies Ahead?

The manga’s penultimate arc, Tenjiku, is set to be adapted into the third season of Tokyo Revengers. Without spoiling too much, Tenjiku will find Takemichi back in the present, but it won’t be as easy as he thought.

Tenjiku, a rival gang, starts a war against Manji’s gang, which ends up causing a lot of damage to Mikey and the rest of the gang. Because Tenjiku’s arc is so important to the bigger story of the Tokio Revengers, we can expect a lot of changes and a sense that something big is about to happen. The original manga ended in 2022 after 30 volumes, so if we get a fourth season of the show, it could be the last time we see Takemichi and his gang.

If you haven’t seen the second season of Tokyo Revengers on Disney+ or Crunchyroll, now’s your chance to catch up! We’ve got a ton of time travel, gang wars, and other exciting stuff to look forward to before the third season drops on October 3rd 2023. So don’t miss out on another epic time-travel adventure!



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